A Prayer Of Forgiveness To Start The Healing Process

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When you forgive you are giving yourself a gift because forgiveness is a gift! Forgiveness is freedom. It feels light, not heavy or burdensome. It is a release from the past that has been running your life. Freedom and victory contains gifts for you! Gifts of joy, peace, love, wisdom, power, to name a few! So now it’s your turn! Ask Father God to shine His light on your heart and show you the faces of those you need to forgive for the wounds you’re carrying that are keeping you trapped in a cycle of unforgiveness. Write down their names. Don’t forget to forgive yourself, if you feel led to do so.

Remember, you don’t need to write them a letter or have an in-person forgiveness conversation. There is no need to go to this person or these people to tell them you’ve forgiven them. This is an exchange between you and God. You’re releasing them to Him so He can deal with them from here and you can walk in freedom. Sometimes these people don’t even realize that they’ve hurt you in such a wounding way! Forgiveness is something you do for yourself and so if you write a letter, then save it or burn it, don’t share it. Forgiveness is between you and Father God.

The following is a prayer that I’ve used to forgive others. You can follow this guideline or you can use your own words.

It’s merely a guide to help you get started. The act of true forgiveness is between you and Father God

A Prayer To Forgive Others

Heavenly Father, I confess I have judged _________ for (name all the things you feel they are guilty of). I am not his/her judge. I now renounce these judgments and I forgive him/her. I release him/her from my heart. Thank You that in Christ I am forgiven and I am cleansed from all unrighteousness. What he/she did and said, and what he/she failed to do and say, has left me feeling _____________(describe all the wounds, hurts and ways you feel they harmed you and write them down). Father God I hand you ___________________ (use the list of wounds and hurts and hand them to God). I no longer partner with them or their effect on my life. They all null and void and must never return to me, in the name of Jesus! What do you give me in exchange for these things? (Write those things down and tear up the painful hurts and wounds list.) Jesus, You were wounded for my transgressions. You were bruised for my iniquities. The

punishment I deserved for my sin was put on You and by the work of the Cross where You were crucified, I am now healed. I receive Your healing touch! I want to feel like You feel toward__________, whom I have forgiven. I want to see him/her as You see him/her. I choose to believe Your truth and that truth is ____________________________________.

Now, take a moment to pray a blessing over the person you have just forgiven.

When you are all done with everyone on your list, I suggest that you throw the list of people away. I encourage you to write down the things that Father God gave you in exchange, if you haven’t already, and read over them for the next 30 days so that you get them down in your heart. After all, those are words of Truth that will help you in journey of walking

in freedom and victory! Now let’s go through the prayer to forgive yourself, if you’re being led to do that.

A Prayer To Forgive Yourself

“Father God, in the name of Jesus, I forgive myself for ___________(name your part in offenses.) I renounce self- condemnation and self-judgment for these things that You have already forgiven me of, because I have sincerely confessed them to You now. I declare that the payment for my sin has been perfectly satisfied once and for all, by Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. I receive Your forgiveness, and I ask You to cleanse my heart now. I ask You to help me discern between the conviction of the Holy Spirit for my sin against You, and self-condemnation that I would heap on myself. Thank You Jesus that my value doesn’t come from______________(a man/woman, my job performance, etc.) or from this world, but that it comes from You. In Jesus’ name I thank You, Amen.”

Here is one of the greatest gifts of all, self-forgiveness. We are oftentimes our own worst critics. Now that you’ve forgiven yourself you can stop beating yourself up! Now you’re free to see yourself as Father God sees you! Your spirit desperately needs your love and compassion, not your constant judgment and criticism.

As difficult as forgiveness is, it is also simple. We tend to think it is an action that needs to take place, like some grande apology. Not even close. We are shown that by how God forgives us for our sins without any strings attached or specific action on our part.

Forgiveness is also the part of healing that really trips up most people and delays or derails the healing process after divorce. Where are you when it comes to forgiveness? Are you finding it difficult to make progress with others or yourself?

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