Preparing To Make Your Holidays Joyful

The holiday season is once again almost upon us. For many, this is a very joyous time of year, but if you’re recently divorced or still feeling alone, it may not feel that way for you. However, in my singleness I’ve found there are still many ways to make this holiday season just as joyous as any other season. Here are some tips to create a joyful holiday season for yourself and your family.

Create New Traditions

The first holiday season after a divorce is a great opportunity to create new traditions. It can feel heavy to try to do the same things the way you used to do them without your ex. However I encourage you to think about how you could make this holiday special rather than focusing on what’s missing.

Please understand that I do get that it can be hard to let go of former traditions but new ones can bring you joy and will help make the season easier for you. If you have kids, you might choose to keep some of the old traditions that make them feel like some things are still the same, but make sure that you’re taking the time to make new ones. These new traditions can be something special that only you do with your children, and they will allow you to make new memories while giving them (and yourself) something to look forward to during the holiday season.

Do Something You’ve Always Wanted

Have you dreamed of traveling to somewhere fun for the holidays? Or volunteering in a soup kitchen on Christmas Eve? If your spouse held you back from those things in the past, now’s the time to start doing them! Take your first holiday season after divorce as a time to do something you’ve always wanted to do, but never could because of other plans. Planning something like this in advance of the holidays will give you something to truly look forward to as the holidays draws nearer.

Lean Into Family & Friends

If you haven’t done so already, the holidays are the perfect time to lean into your family and/or friends. Healthy family and friend relationships get to take center stage as you deal with the ripple effect of your divorce. Especially for your first holiday season after divorce, make sure you take time for family and friends so you spend a lot of your time with your loved ones. Your friends and family are your support system during this challenging time, so keep that in mind as you go through the holidays. You may even be able to start some new traditions when you start focusing on your loved ones again!

Avoid Unsupportive Family & Friends

We all have those people in our lives that never have anything supportive to say. Steer clear of those people on the first Thanksgiving and Christmas after your divorce. Give yourself time to feel stable and secure in your new situation.

Make Self-Care A Top Priority

This holiday season be sure to continue your self-care  and keep it as a top priority. Do little things throughout your days to take care of you. Get adequate sleep, go for a walk after work to de-stress, cook yummy recipes at home, but remember to get out of the house and be social to boost your mental health, and treat yourself to some pampering.

The holiday season doesn’t have to lose it’s spark and enjoyment just because you’re navigating through a divorce. Find new ways to create happiness in your life this holiday season. Use this blank slate as time to create the holiday season that you’ve always dreamed of.

I have some great ideas to help you through your holiday season. If you’re curious or struggling with things to do, just schedule a time and let’s chat about what might work for you. I’m here to support you because I know how important it is!

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