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3 Ways To Rebuild Your Life After Divorce

Life After Divorce Tips

No one ever prepares for when their marriage would end, especially when they went before God promising for better and for worse. However, we know unfortunate situations happen, and you are left shattered, confused, guilty, and sad. After spending many years or even months together, it may seem daunting to imagine life without them by your side. So much negativity, anger, and bitterness start to creep into your life because you feel like you have failed and have to start all over again.

These unhealthy feelings can last for a long time unless you find a way to move past that negativity. The decision to move past this is yours and yours alone, with no one else to compromise with, defer to, or plan with. However there is good news which is you can make the decision to turn things into a great story of renewal through healing, growing and discovering yourself. The only sure way to do that is by turning to Jesus, trusting that He will walk through these trying times with you. Once you've done this, you can be certain and sure that our Heavenly Father loves you and He is always with you no matter the host of issues and emotional breakdown you find yourself in. He wants you to start the process of healing and find happiness again.

Of course, leaving that misery and pain you've become accustomed to may feel overwhelming. Deciding to move on and put the past behind you may seem tasking, but you can tackle all these methodically by taking it one step at a time. This way, you won't be fearful of your uncertain future, and you will be able to manage everything happening around you. If you are ready to heal, here are some tips from my ebook "Destiny After Divorce."

Life After Divorce Tip 1

The first thing I recommend from my past experience is that you should surrender. Yes, surrender. Surrender everything to the Lord. Surrender every disappointment, neglect, anger, pain from those who have hurt you, the sense of loss, and fear of the future and your dreams. Do not dwell on the past; you have to move past everything that once happened, how you felt when it happened, and what you did and didn't do. Everything that led to the divorce, made it happen, and happened afterward should be let go of as well. Once you've surrendered, you open up the healing process. You feel more free and open to discovering what the future holds for you. At this point, you have nothing weighing you down and nothing slowing down your healing.

Think about holding a bee in your hand. It stings you and continues to fight, hurting you even more until it is freed. You let it go and pull the stinger out, put some ointment on it to help it heal and your hand begins to heal to the point that your open hand is ready to receive good things!

You have surrendered and decided to let everything go and only embrace things that will cause you to grow and become a better person. Surrendering your innermost feelings about yourself and having passed through what you did, you now wonder who you can trust. Where do you fit with your new status?

Life After Divorce Tip 2

In order to find out where you fit with your new status, you have to trust that our Heavenly Father is working things out for your good. We may not see it, and we certainly may not feel it, but this is a time in our lives when learning to trust God with basically everything in our lives is paramount! Believing and knowing that he will come through for you no matter the situation is all you need at this particular time.

In Romans 8:28 NIV, He promises to "work things out for the good of those who love Him, who have been called for His purposes." Has He ever promised and never delivered? No, He hasn't! So if you can just trust Him, things would work out no matter how ugly they are at the time. When the world is telling you to do this or the other thing, the Holy Spirit is reminding you that our Heavenly Father has this, and you only need to trust Him. He's always right there whether we think He is or not, loving us right where we are, providing and protecting us at all times.

Life After Divorce Tip 3

The number three thing you ought to do is forgive. Yes, it is easier said than done, but putting your trust in God will make forgiving those who hurt you less difficult. Before you say, "there's no way!" Let's identify what forgiveness is not. No one ever has the right to abuse us in any way, shape, or form. Forgiveness is not condoning or excusing. Forgiveness does not minimize, justify, deny, or excuse the wrong that was done. It is simply deciding that enough is enough. You have taken a deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment or vengeance toward your former partner regardless of whether they actually deserve your forgiveness. You have decided to move past all of this and trust that our Heavenly Father will take control of this wheel. Yes, it isn't easy, but you need to forgive in order to complete your healing and move on. Forgiveness brings freedom!

Coping with divorce, especially when one is of the Christian faith, can be very daunting. You wonder if you are making the right choice and what may become of you after the whole process is completed. So many "what if’s" come up. Sometimes you may even doubt if our Heavenly Father still loves you because you've done what He hates. Yes, He does love you. You are deserving of his love even though your marriage didn't work out as intended. He still has great plans for you.

To fully enjoy the love of God and feel as if you are deserving of it, you have to heal. Only when you heal, is when you will see what the future holds for you and the greater possibilities you stand to enjoy having healed and found yourself.

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