Coree’s Journey of Inner Healing

I have been where you are and with God's help, I have come out on the other side healed and whole. You will not be alone on this journey.
With me by your side, we can work towards healing together. I am here to support and encourage you every step of the way.

Meet Coree

How did I get to this place in my life? Tears were starting to roll down my cheeks. There was a deep sadness in the pit of my stomach. I felt so alone in my pain, I felt like I was drowning in it.

Here I was, divorced...again. Regret, shame, and sadness washed over me as I wondered if I would ever get past all the hurt and mistrust I carried.

I knew somehow, someway, I had to find a way because I knew this wasn’t the story my Heavenly Father had for me. 

I was hungry for the healing I needed but just wasn’t sure how to find it and where to get the support I truly needed.

Then He started showing me His desire for my wholeness and set me on a path of deep inner healing that I so desperately needed and was looking for.  He opened doors for me to great teachers to help guide me on my path to restoration. I immersed myself in anything that promoted the Truth about how God wants healing for us and searched out books and speakers who taught on inner healing. I was making progress.

But I realized I needed more inner healing and that I needed to seek out some additional guidance to help me stay on track.

I made an appointment with an inner healing guide and a coach to help guide me through. I finally was seeing a bright future for myself, and I wasn’t about to let the enemy steal it from me!

I found a strong sense of wellbeing and the newness that restoration brings. I was out of the fog of confusion onto the journey of how truly God sees me and what He has for my future.

Are you tired of feeling stuck after your divorce? Do you want to start moving forward in your ‘after divorce’ life and become the best version of yourself? I know I was. And that's why I created the VIP Divorce Recovery program. To help you cut through all of the noise and figure out what it really takes to bounce back from the pain of divorce so that you can enjoy healthy relationships and finally find the love that you deserve.

Just imagine yourself...

  • Feeling loved again
  • Having true companionship
  • Being genuinely happy
  • Enjoying a fun and meaningful life

It is possible with God's help and I want to show you how.