Are you trying to recover from a toxic marriage?

I feel your pain. It's not just the pain of breaking up or ending your marriage – it's the pain of losing everything that came with it. Your home, your family, your friends. And it leaves you feeling lost, alone, and scared for what comes next. 

The Destiny After Divorce Guided Healing Journal can help.

 This journal is designed to help you work through the pain of divorce and start healing from the inside out. It will help you to find hope for your future and start moving on with your life.

Why I Created This Guideded Journal

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to healing after divorce, but there are some tried and true tools that can help. One of the most powerful healing tools is journaling. 

Divorce recovery journaling is a powerful tool to help you process your emotions and write your restoration story. As you journal, God will guide you through your journey and help you find the strength to move forward.

What’s Inside 

This guided journal contains EVERYTHING I wish I had when I was struggling to recover from my toxic marriage:

  • Quick journaling prompts that spark inner healing. 
  • Prayers that soothe your emotions and keep you grounded. 
  • Scriptures that provide guidance and comfort during difficult times. 
  • Tips to avoid getting pulled back in to the abuser’s trap. 
  • Strategies that help you make peace with your past and move on from your ex.

The healing guided journal that you are about to download includes some of the very same techniques that are typically reserved just for divorce recovery clients. But today, you can download them free! 

These powerful techniques have been known to help people like Bridgette move on from their divorce and start anew. And now, you can benefit from them too. 

So what are you waiting for? Download your healing guided journal today!

Bridgette Cannon Testimonial